In an interesting collaboration between Advanced Machinery (Pty) Ltd and D-Displays CC, a beautiful outcome presented itself to the world.

Advanced Machinery and D-Displays were no strangers to each other, as AM.CO.ZA had sold D-Displays a CNC Router in 2015. But after AM.CO.ZA recently opened another branch in Cape Town it was a curious coincidence that they would be situated in the same business park.

Soon after it became clear that this is meant to be. A common goal arose and AM.CO.ZA and D-Displays acted upon the opportunity.

They now offer training and demonstration to prospective clients and anyone who already has a machine but would like to know more about how to work it for optimal results.

This training and demonstration will inform you of the challenges you may face with your machine, and how to easily overcome them. You will also be told of the advantages of these machines and how the manufacturing side of it works.

What might be seen as a competition between the two is in actual fact not nearly so. AM.CO.ZA is a wholesaler and D-Displays makes use of these machines to provide wholesale signage to the end customer. Signage companies either buy from AM.CO.ZA or use the services provided by D-Displays. The aim of all of this is to offer clients and the public with the knowledge of how these machines work and how they can benefit you.

This partnership is bound to beneficial not only for AM.CO.ZA and D-Displays but for the public as well. Get in on the fun learning experience by contacting AM.CO.ZA’s Sales Department at the Cape Town Branch.

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