Lee Ashford is the proud owner of a Pest Control Company based in Spartan by the name of Scientific Supa Kill. Lee Ashford upgraded he’s 2014 V-Smart Vinyl Cutter to a 2015 model from during the course of last year.

The management team here at Advanced Machinery approached Lee to assist us in decorating one of our walls in our Reception area by making use of Vinyl Wall Art. Lee finally agreed and of course it was a big success. Their African Design Wall Art gave new life and personality to our workplace.

 wall art

Advanced Machinery recently released a video containing an interview about Lee Ashford’s Pest Control Business as well as his experience with the Wall Art service that he delivered.

 lee ashford

The interview went quite well and we learned a lot from the Business Owner. In the interview he also gives advice to the young entrepreneurs out there wanting to start their own Vinyl Wall Art Business.

 wall art service delivered

Please refer to http://www.univision.co.za/video/130023810 for the Vinyl Wall art video and interview.
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