AM.CO.ZA took on the Sign Africa Expo Cape Town 2018

Excitement built as it was the first year Advanced Machinery attended the Sign Africa Expo in Cape Town as an established Cape Town business.

The Sign Africa Cape Town started on Wednesday (14 March) and ended on Thursday (15 March) which happened at the Cape Town International Convention Center in Foreshore, City Center.

Advanced Machinery showcased their machines conveniently next to the exit and entrance, making it impossible to miss. On display, they had a FastCOLOUR Printer, V-Auto Vinyl cutter (printing and cutting simultaneously) and an exquisite Heat Press machine - one of their very own Heatware™.

Along with them at their stand - part of the creation of the stand - there was the new and innovative Everblock System. Our partner Conrad from D-Displays is a Western Cape distributor of this product. Everblock is a game-changer in the show stand industry. Everblock can be used for design purposes, building and can be bought or rented.

The fun thing about Everblock is the cost. Some people spend an inordinate amount of money on stands for these expos for example. Building a stand and breaking it down can render it - and your money - useless. Everblock makes this process economical, interesting and visually appealing. These modular systems are applicable in various industries and have various uses. See how AM.CO.ZA used theirs.

The expo was a roaring success with thousands of visitors and great interest in Advanced Machinery's stand. AM.CO.ZA would like to thank all the customers that came to support them.

AM.CO.ZA took on the Sign Africa Expo Cape Town 2018
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