AM.CO.ZA has figured out the simplest way of helping you generate efficient programs for your machine, while optimizing material utilization and machine run time, while offering improved functionality for CNC punch, laser, and plasma machines at the same time.

About FABRICAM Sheet Metal-Cutting Software
The company has thus expanded its family of CNC machinery software with the FABRICAM, a new 2D CAD/CAM system specially designed to automate the programming of sheet metal cutting machines ie, oxy-cut, plasma, laser, water jet etc. It is specifically designed to help fabricators and manufacturers increase material savings, boost productivity, lower operating costs, and improve part quality. This software’s 2D CAD/CAM enables you to import and convert *.dxf and *.dwg file formats from CAD into CNC language. The same feature allows for importing and automatic assignment of CAD layers, colour and quality information for cutting process.

Interactive Manual and Automatic Nesting Capabilities
Any seasoned CNC machine user will always appreciate a software that offers great flexibility and maximum performance when nesting, whether manually or automatically. This amazing product beautifully answers your programming and management needs, ensuring that you are able to edit positions and styles before or after you have nested your parts, making copying, moving or rotating easy. The software can be as easy or as automated as you’d like it to be. It handles automatic nesting and plate management.

Endless Configuration Possibilities
FABRICAM includes many new features and enhancements that allow for even greater ease of use and productivity. It is easy to learn and use, when comparing to other nesting softwares in the markets, with built-in expertise and machine configuration capabilities allowing you to perform such tasks as entity reduction and smoothing configuration, editing lead-in/out position and properties within the nest, group parts into clusters for nesting configuration of Kerf, Microjoint and Bridge, and also the option of Rounding and Looping. What more, you do not have to switch between different programs to complete the job since FABRICAM only requires one interface. This means that you don’t have to go through many steps in order to complete your job.

This innovative invention allows the user to export reports directly to PDF, Excel Spreadsheet, CSV, or webpage. It also supports all available functionalities such as NC file generation, and OF report generation.

Add-On Module: HVAC Package
It is designed suitable to function on most groups of boiler parts developments made of different subgroups, including Cylinders, Cones, Prisms, Angles, Hoppers, Transformers, Tee Peeces, Intersections, Spirals, Globes and Flat Pieces groups.

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