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AM.CO.ZA Provides Company with FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer for Marketing Boards

From the biggest to the smallest task, and the biggest to the smallest business, Advanced Machinery has a machine that can help you in some way.

For a company in Johannesburg specializing in PVC stretch frames and in making marketing and advertising boards, this is the truth. With their machine they manage to make a variety of signs that are used in advertising and in the property industry.

This company bought a Large Format FastCOLOUR printer from Advanced Machinery to further their company. This machine is a wonderful asset to a company looking to print in larger quantities.

The FastColour comes with a variety of unique features, at absolutely no cost to you, such as:

  • CMYK Bulk Ink System
  • Automatic pinch roller
  • Integrated paper feeder
  • Optical media sensor
  • Servo motor printing and
  • A status indication light

It does naturally come with the industrial specifications of a Large Format printer as well, including:

  • Easy print head access
  • Ink pressure adjustment
  • Strong stand and wheels
  • Three levels heating
  • 100Base-TX Networking and
  • An emergency button

But not only does it give you all of the above, Advanced Machinery’s FastColour also gives you Bi-Directional printing. Which in turn offers you continuous printing.

Watch video for more http://machining.co.za/video/204170116

If this sounds like something your company needs, don’t hesitate to contact us and get a quote. Have your business achieve with Advanced Machinery, where achievement matters.

For Large Format Printer, visit http://LargeFormatPrinter.co.za/

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AM.CO.ZA Provides Company with FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer for Marketing Boards
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