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Mammoth Solid Surfaces still Achieving with AM.CO.ZA EasyRoute CNC Router

The question may arise as to what solid surfaces are. Solid surfaces are impervious to moisture, preventing any and all bacterial growth. Pollutants can be cleared off of these surfaces with simple soap and water.

Solid surfacing is a high-quality material of which you can produce three-dimensional shapes that are designed with seamless joints. It can be mechanically finished to represent any surface texture. It is also renewable, which means it can be repaired and refinished, should you need it.

The use for solid surfacing spreads across various industries, from cashier counters, bar tops, wall cladding to laboratory work surfaces.

And the company for all this is Mammoth Solid Surfacing. They are a division of Mammoth Granite as well as a valued customer for Advanced Machinery.

In 2014 they acquired the EasyRouteā„¢ 380V Standard Bakelite Clampable Vacuum CNC Router with 5.5kW High-Torque Water-Cooled Spindle and Stepper Motors, with Vacuum Pump and Dust Collector Full Package from AM.CO.ZA.

In a recent telephonic conversation with Valdo Hattingh, the managing director, I was pleased to hear that our machine is still serving him well after all these years. I also heard that they would definitely buy from Advanced Machinery again as the service they received was great.

There is no reason not to buy from AM.CO.ZA, it can only be a benefit to your business and in the vision of achieving your goals.

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Mammoth Solid Surfaces still Achieving with AM.CO.ZA EasyRoute CNC Router
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