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The Laser Machine is Working Well for Madiba Bay Events

Advanced Machinery's Technical Team was in Port Elizabeth last week and managed to hit two birds with one stone when they went to assist some of our valued client's with CNC Machinery which they obtained from us as well as to introduce our newest asset to our company- Our Stage and Set Business.

JP Geldenhuys owner of Madiba Bay Events

We visited a company by the name of Madiba Bay Events situated in Newton Park in Port Elizabeth, who obtained a CNC Laser Cutting Machine from us here at AM. The Madiba Bay Events company, is an Events Organising Company for events such as weddings etc.

Madiba Bay Wedding Event pictures

The Events Organising Company is owned by JP Geldenhuys .JP also has his own showroom in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth to show his clients exactly what he is capable of to make their wedding day an unforgettable one.

Showroom in Port Elizabeth

They obtained a CNC Laser Cutting Machine from us 2 years ago for the purpose of making decorations for their wedding events etc. When our Technical Team arrived at the Madiba Bay Events company, they were proud although not surprised to find that the client's Laser Cutting Machine was still up and running after two years of regular service, and therefore only had to assist the client with service on their Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cuttting Machine

The Madiba Bay Events Company was also very impressed with Advanced Machinery's new stages and sets being manufactured. They informed us that they will definitely make use of our stages and sets in the near future.Stage and set manufacturing

Stage and Set Manufacturing

Check more information on the Madiba Bay Events Company Website.

For more information about our CNC Machinery you can go to AM.CO.ZA CNC Machinery
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And for more pictures about the Madiba Bay Events company please refer to our gallery at:

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The Laser Machine is Working Well for Madiba Bay Events
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